Added 72 customers
Story of Revitalization: 4 yrs ago
Before: 1/mo or less (6 customers in 12 months)
Webinar Results (1 hr became 2.5 hrs fully engaged audience, nobody left)
Total Attendance: 80
Sold (Live): 30 plans (37.5% conversion rate)
Sold (Replay): 31 plans (5.1% conversion rate)
NEXT YEAR GOAL: $2M/yr (ARR) / 12 = $167K/mo (MOM)
“We hope to get to that goal in the next year and looking forward to working with you on the paid advertising front and getting that dialed in. We hope to get to that within the first year or so and I’m confident we can.”
Nick: “You haven’t even touch paid ads.”
Jeremy: “No, I’ve had to stop selling after this last promotion because my fulfillment is capped out. I have to increase my fulfillment before I can start selling again which is a great problem to have.”

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