Price And ROI Justification
Your price is a function of the value of the transformation you create for the niche, the niche’s ability to afford the solution, and competitor prices in the market offering alternatives to your solution.

We can determine the value of the transformation by calculating the expected value of all the outcomes.

The Expected Value
The expected value accounts for all possible outcomes and their respective values and probabilities.

Added 72 customers
Story of Revitalization: 4 yrs ago
Before: 1/mo or less (6 customers in 12 months)
Webinar Results (1 hr became 2.5 hrs fully engaged audience, nobody left)
Total Attendance: 80
Sold (Live): 30 plans (37.5% conversion rate)
Sold (Replay): 31 plans (5.1% conversion rate)
NEXT YEAR GOAL: $2M/yr (ARR) / 12 = $167K/mo (MOM)